Volvo recruitment process

Join us to shape tomorrow’s society in 5 easy steps!

Volvo hiring process in 5 easy steps

1. Explore our job openings

Search for open positions?that match your talents and aspirations. ?

2. Apply

Once you have found the perfect job, click on?“Apply” and create your personal profile, which you can always update later.?You?will?receive an email confirmation as soon as?we have?received your application.?We will?take?the necessary time to study all applications.

3. Interview

If?you are?being considered for a job,?we will?meet?for a first interview on the phone, via video?conference, or in person. Following steps include?second interviews, assessments and references.?

4. Final selection

If there’s a match between us,?you will?receive an?offer for an employment contract.? Should you not be selected,?you will?be notified.?

5. Welcome

Your career with us starts with a pre-boarding to?help you quickly become a part of the team and?start making a difference from day one.

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